’80s oddity “NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR” rolls onto Blu-ray/DVD


One of the strangest low-budget horror flicks of the ’80s has been digitally resurrected and is chugging its way to disc release in October.

NIGHTTRAINTOTERRORBLUNEWSVinegar Syndrome has announced the full details of its Blu-ray/DVD combo release of 1985’s NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR (streeting Oct. 8), an “anthology” actually comprised of pieces of three separate features (all written by Philip Yordan, two of them featuring Richard Moll). The framing device (helmed by Jay Schlossberg-Cohen) has God and the Devil sitting in that train, debating over the fates of three souls while a really bad rock band plays in the next car. These stories are condensed versions of John Carr’s unfinished SCREAM YOUR HEAD OFF, about organ harvesters working out of a phony asylum; Carr’s GRETTA (a.k.a. DEATH WISH CLUB), in which a porn actress is lured into a suicide cult; and Philip Marshak, Tom McGowan and Greg Tallas’ CATACLYSM (a.k.a. SATAN’S SUPPER and THE NIGHTMARE NEVER ENDS), following a female doctor and a Nazi hunter as they track down the son of Satan. The cast also includes veteran actors Cameron Mitchell, John Phillip Law and, as God, Ferdinand Mayne. The movie has been given a 2K restoration from original 35mm film elements, presented in 1.85:1 widescreen with DTS-HD Master Audio, and comes with the following supplements:

• Interview with producer/director Schlossberg-Cohen

• Interview with assistant editor Wayne Schmidt

• Audio commentary by The Hysteria Continues

• Bonus feature film GRETTA (DVD only, sourced from a one-inch master)

• Theatrical trailer

Retail price is $24.98, but it can be pre-ordered for $19.98 from the Vinegar Syndrome website. Get a taste of the madness from the trailer below.

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