Rod Serling’s THE TWILIGHT ZONE has been seminal to the science fiction and horror genres. With its bizarre tales of the twisted and macabre, THE TWILIGHT ZONE has spanned over five decades and launched countless spin-offs. For the first time ever, Image Entertainment is releasing THE TWILIGHT ZONE: THE 5TH DIMENSION, which pairs Rod Serling’s groundbreaking Original Series (1959-1964) together with the classic 1980s Series in one limited edition box set, and now is your chance to get one for free!

In addition to the two beloved series, there are more than 20 hours of bonus features including never before seen interviews with cast and crew, as well as THE AMERICAN MASTERS documentary on creator Rod Serling. THE TWILIGHT ZONE: THE 5TH DIMENSION LIMITED EDITION BOX SET also contains one of four possible collectible 1960s TWILIGHT ZONE comic books.

Only 7,500 of these sets will be released, each of them individually numbered, and FANGORIA is ecstatic to announce that fans have the chance to get their mittens on one of these glorious boxes!  Want to win? Of course, you do!


Send an email to rebekah@fangoria.com to enter! Please place “THE TWILIGHT ZONE” in the subject lines, and include the following information:

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The contest will stay open for seven days and one winner will be selected at random. The contest is only available to residents of the United States and Canada. Good luck!

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Camilla is an actress, writer, film-maker, musician, and horror junkie. She is new to FANGORIA and has a healthy knowledge of all things horror, particularly 70's - 90's films where she interviews writers, directors and actors for Australian cinephile group CINEMANIACS. In her spare time, Camilla writes screenplays, walks dogs, and scours the internet for bargains. She also had a small part in the remake of Australian telekinetic chiller, PATRICK. Currently she is training at The Groundlings and moonlights playing ethereal guitar in a cape.
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