A “BLACK CHRONICLE” to scare you in multiple media


Ubiquitous independent horror actor Bill Oberst Jr. and genre actress Melantha Blackthorne have been attached to THE BLACK CHRONICLE, the debut venture for Red Right Hand Publishing, which seeks to tell scary stories across multiple media that put the reader/viewer into the thick of the action.

THE BLACK CHRONICLE follows forensic psychologist and former FBI specialist Dr. Jeremy Foster as he helps track down a murderer copying the crimes of a serial killer known as Mister. It turns out that the real Mister is behind the spree, and kidnaps Dr. Foster’s son to force him to commit horrible crimes himself. According to Red Right Hand’s PR, “By requiring the reader to fill out a short on-line profile at the beginning of the book, and downloading an app created for smartphones and tablets, various triggers throughout the story are then capable of rolling out content to them in the form of sample chapters, e-mails from the characters, pictures, messages, and videos right to their phones and even eerie phone calls from Mister himself.”

“We felt the horror/thriller genre made the most sense for our first book,” says Red Right Hand founder and BLACK CHRONICLE author Oldrich Stibor. “We wanted to create an environment for the story to live in even when the reader didn’t have the book opened in front of them. The key to that being, when they trigger the transmedia bits throughout the book, they have no way of know what it’s going to be or when it’s going to come. It could trigger something instantly, or it could come many hours later. That, coupled with the very tense and dark tone of the book, we believe creates a kind of anticipation and connectedness between the reader and the story, even when they’re not actually reading it.”


Stibor has joined forces with director Tricia Lee, who made the fest-award-winning horror features CLEAN BREAK and SILENT RETREAT, to bring the his story to visual life, and signed Oberst (pictured above left), whose many credits include RESOLUTION, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES and SCARY OR DIE, to play its villain. “I only had to read the first chapter of THE BLACK CHRONICLE to know I wanted to play Mister,” the actor says. “The more I read, the more I was sold—not only on the depth and nuance of this exceptionally sadistic serial killer, but on the new world of possibilities a transmedia book presents. Oldrich Stibor has brewed a stew of tension and drama and poured it into a multimedia publishing format that I truly believe will revolutionize the way we define a ‘book.’ THE BLACK CHRONICLE is the future. I consider myself fortunate to have been asked to be present at the incarnation.”

Adds Blackthorne (above right), who directed as well as starred in SINNERS AND SAINTS and appeared in RISE OF THE GHOSTS, CAPTURED HEARTS and others, “As an artist, I’m always looking for unconventional ways to express myself and THE BLACK CHRONICLE is the perfect outlet! Oldrich Stibor’s work possesses a unique appeal that should play well to the sensibilities of both hardcore horror audiences and mainstream viewers alike. I’m honored to be on board such an original concept and excited to join forces with this incredibly talented team.”

The first four chapters of the book, with a wireframe demo of the app for Android, can be seen here, and more info on the project can be found at THE BLACK CHRONICLE’s Facebook page.

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