A Brilliant Holiday: The U.S. trailer for Ben Wheatley’s “SIGHTSEERS”

It’s admittedly not all that different from its previous trailer, but it’s a wonderfully cut clip for a wonderful movie. This U.S. preview for Ben Wheatley’s latest does a perfect job of capturing the entirely hilarious, engrossing tale of a ginger-faced man and an angry woman on a murderous, particularly British road trip.

It’s readily evident how I admire the force with which Ben Wheatley has appeared, and subsequently carved out a wholly unique place within genre. He’s an incredible, varied filmmaker and his follow-up to KILL LIST (my favorite film of 2011) is no sign of slowing—also no sign of slowing: he’s already nearly completed his next, A FIELD IN ENGLAND.

SIGHTSEERS is a maniacally funny, bloody story that sees the sheltered Tina (Alice Lowe) take a step out into the English isles with new, unassuming boyfriend Chris (Steve Oram), whose more violent side is just waiting to rear its head. Throughout their journey, SIGHTSEERS becomes an incredible take on relationship troubles, gender standards and repression.

SIGHTSEERS is in limited theatrical release May 10, and On Demand May 13. For more, pick up FANGORIA #323 (on sale this month) for an exclusive talk with Wheatley, and read our review of the film here.

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