A “HARROWING” experience rolls with Debbie Rochon


The star and director of AMERICAN NIGHTMARES have reunited for a new horror feature down in Texas, and we’ve got the first news and a couple of photos.

Highland Myst Entertainment and Wolfclan Productions have announced that they’re in the midst of shooting on THE HARROWING in Dallas. Directed by Jon Keeyes and co-starring his NIGHTMARES villainess Debbie Rochon, the movie toplines Matthew Tompkins (1st photo below) as fallen-from-grace vice detective Ryan Calhoun. The synopsis tells us, “After a routine surveillance goes horribly wrong, Calhoun is accused of the ritualistic murder of his best friend and partner, a prostitute and a corrupt Congressman. Unhinged and tormented by demonic dreams, and bent on discovering the truth, Calhoun is admitted to a forensic hospital for observation where, his sanity slowly sipping away, he begins to uncover the darkest, most terrifying truth imaginable.”

Rochon plays Ella, a schizophrenic necrophiliac (!), and the cast also includes Damon Carney, Michael Crabtree, Robert McCollum, Ambre Lowe and Erin Marie Garrett (2nd photo below). The role of Dr. Whitney, the head of the hospital who may be a villain, will be filled by a yet-to-be-cast horror icon. Shooting is expected to wrap in April; Keeyes and Tompkins also have NIGHTMARE BOX, with Rochon (see exclusive comments and pics here), and ODD MAN OUT awaiting release, and are developing a six-part miniseries based on their short film THE MECHANICAL GRAVE.



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