PARANORMAL ACTIVITY spin-off, THE MARKED ONES, is just a week away and a double shot of clips have been released to tease just how director Christopher Landon plans to try and give you the heebie jeebies. 

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES is something of a side story in the series, chronicling (via found footage style, as you may expect) a young man’s brushes with the demonic mythology Katie and her family have been victims of. The film, which I was able to catch just about two weeks ago, expands on that mythology while also taking the PA films into the “R” territory they’ve previously avoided, and which horror fans so often clamor for. Of course, none of what makes it so is on display in the new excerpts, but there is a sense of the variety of “scares” found within the film. They’re not dissimilar from normal found footage frights, but do have a bit of range, from the shadowy figure only the audience sees to a bit of intimate body horror with a transforming lead character.

THE MARKED ONES is surprisingly a good bit of fun. Compared to the lifeless fourth film, most anything is, but it’s nonetheless a nice injection of energy and personality (thanks to its ensemble). Plus, there’s something of a bonkers finale. Expect a full review next week, when the film hits theaters on New Year’s Day. 

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