A Sick Exclusive Clip from “APT 3D,” Premiering in Austin this Weekend

World premiering this weekend at Other Worlds Austin is NYC-set indie horror APT 3D. FANGORIA has something of a stomach-churning exclusive clip from the confined paranormal thriller in anticipation of its Saturday night screening. 

Directed by Zack Imbrogno and Horst Dieter Baum, and co written by Imbrogno and star Jordan Lewis (producer, THE HEART MACHINE), APT 3D is set in mid-January. “LA native, Erin, has just moved to New York City with Ben, her boyfriend and recently hired TV staff writer. Ben’s sister is away and has allowed the couple to sublet the apartment. Their relationship grows rocky as Erin attempts to adjust to life in the cold, unwelcoming city ­­ adding to the strain on the couple is their imposing next door neighbor, Chris, the inexplicable late­night sounds in the building, and the mounting signs that Ben’s sister is not volunteering abroad, but has altogether vanished. As events inside the apartment go from paranormal to downright terrifying, Ben and Erin are thrust into a fight for their lives against dark entities with an evil agenda.”

APT 3D World Premieres Saturday December 6th at 10:30 p.m. at Other Worlds Austin in the Alpha Thetare of the Galaxy Highland. The film plays alongside acclaimed and Fango-recommended 2014 fest titles BLOODY KNUCKLES and TIME LAPSE in the currently running event. Founder and Executive Director of Other Worlds Austin, Bears Fonté  says: “APT. 3D is a really exciting film to premiere. It begins as a gripping thriller about being trapped with an unknown horror, then slowly reveals a much more disturbing truth.  Along the way, we are treated to clever characters and intense drama.  I can’t wait to see an audience experience it, going in not knowing anything.”

For much more on Other Worlds Austin, including ticket info, visit the official site. For more on APT 3D, check out its current IndieGogo campaign, where the filmmakers hope to secure finishing funds here.

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