Actor David Ury talks going Schizo-Head for Rob Zombie’s “31”


FANGORIA was fortunate enough to catch up with actor David Ury before he headed out to Utah for the Sundance premiere of Rob Zombie’s 31, and got a few words from him about the film, Zombie’s direction and his own fanboy status.

31, which first screens at Sundance this Saturday at midnight, is the horrific tale of five people abducted by a gang of raging lunatics and forced to play a game of survival while trapped on a compound called Murder World. The movie stars Sheri Moon Zombie as Charly, alongside fellow Zombie alumni Malcolm McDowell as Father Murder, Elizabeth Daily as Sex-Head, Meg Foster as Venus Virgo and Daniel Roebuck as Pastor Victor. Ury is new to the writer/director’s family, playing evil clown Schizo-Head. Known for his roles on TV’s BREAKING BAD and HEROES, and most recently his hilarious web series GRIZZLY AND NASH, Ury tells us, “31 is by far the craziest movie I’ve ever worked on, and certainly the craziest stuff I’ve done on film. Yes, crazier than getting my head crushed by an ATM on BREAKING BAD!

“Rob Zombie is a very collaborative filmmaker,” he continues. “There is one scene in particular where he let me do whatever I wanted, and I’m excited to see if it made the final cut.”

Ury was equally excited about one of his co-stars. “A little while back, I was watching A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and got shivers when Malcolm McDowell did that line ‘There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs.’ If my 17-year-old fanboy self knew that someday I’d do a film with ‘Alex,’ my adolescent head would have exploded…or maybe imploded, I’m not really sure how that works.

“This will be my first time at Sundance, and I’m over the moon that the film is premiering there. I can’t wait to hang out with the cast in snowy Park City, Utah—which reminds me, I’d better go buy some gloves and one of those red fuzzy man-sized onesies.”

Stay tuned for more words from Ury and the aftermath of 31’s Sundance premiere!

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