Return of the Living Dead’s iconic mortician makes an appearance at Birmingham’s Custard Factory in the coming weeks, alongside poster artist Graham Humphreys for a double-bill of ROTLD and RE-ANIMATOR!

Character actor Don Calfa’s credits range from the chaotic theatricality of Robert Downey Sr.’s THE POUND and GREASER’S PALACE to the more commercial yuks of FOUL PLAY and WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S, but he’s perhaps best known as weirdo mortician Ernie Kaltenbrunner from Dan O’Bannon’s 1985 RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. It’s in honour of this iconic role that Calfa makes an appearance in Birmingham (UK) at The Custard Factory (home also to my favourite film festival, Flatpack) alongside poster artist Graham Humphreys, who created the UK campaigns for ROTLD as well as THE EVIL DEAD 1+2, BASKETCASE, SANTA SANGRE and many more (and who created the fantastic event poster pictured here!)


Saturday September 23, 2013
Custard Factory (Gibb St, Digbeth)

Admission: £20 (GBP)
Tentative Schedule:

*4.00 pm Meet and greet
*4.30 pm Q&A with Christian Sellers and Gary Smart writers of ‘The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead’ on the ROTLD and Re-Animator franchises
*5.30 pm Q&A with original The Return of the Living Dead UK VHS poster artist Graham Humphreys on the world of horror movie poster art
*6.00 pm Re-Animator screening
*7.50 pm Q&A with The Return of the Living Dead star Don Calfa
*8.40 pm The Return of the Living Dead screening
*10.30 pm Photo shoots with Ernie (Don Calfa) and the Half-Corpse
*11.00 pm Don Calfa autograph signing (£5)
*11.30 pm Dead Beat Disco – DJ Mitz

by: Kier-La Janisse on: 2013-02-10 19:01:11

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