Owned and operated by The Brooklyn Company, FANGORIA has been the industry leader of all things horror and horror entertainment since 1979. World renowned as the number one source for horror news, interviews, reviews and features, FANGORIA has been a household name in the world of horror for the past 30 years.

FANGORIA knows its fans. We have the ability to communicate to our audience like few companies in existence, as each member of the FANGORIA staff belongs to part of our widespread demographic and has worked tirelessly to continue to define and refine our brand over the years. We know what our fans want and how to deliver it to them, because FANGORIA is HORROR!

Through a combination of various forms of media and content delivery we reach our audience like few can, by both promoting product, brand awareness and sales and by building steadfast customer loyalty. Working hands-on with our clients, we strive to develop new ways to reach our audience utilizing traditional marketing and advertising campaigns and creating custom state-of-the-art methods specifically for your brand to better penetrate our demographic.

FANGORIA Magazine circulation- 150,000 per issue, with 10 issues per year
FANGORIA.COM- Over 3 million unique hits a month

See below for our print magazine schedule and ad specs. We also offer many options for advertising on our website and other internet media. This includes but is not limited to banner ads, website take-overs, trailer and video content posting, and contests.

Our standard banner sizes are 728 X 90, 140 x 500, 160 x 600 and 300 x 250, but we can make some accommodations for larger campaigns.
FANGORIA offers many potential outlets for your product, from our print edition, digital editions, social media, podcasts, and FANGORIA.com. For more information about advertising with FANGORIA, please contact our sales team at sales@fangoria.com!
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