All of them Witches? “AMERICAN HORROR STORY” Season Three title revealed!


The annual television-centric series of panels Paleyfest is underway, and at AMERICAN HORROR STORY’s event, co-creator Ryan Murphy somewhat confirmed the witchy rumblings about season three. 

Murphy announced next Fall will bring AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN. Rumors, conjoined with Dylan McDermott’s tease (“All the witches of Salem… there’s plenty of them!”) and now a title all seem to point to the greatest of subjects, witches and witchcraft. Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, season one’s Taissa Farmiga and newcomer Kathy Bates are all a part of what seems to be the femme-focused chapter, in which AHS’s star Lange has been referred to as a “glamour cat leading lady.” Other tidbits have mentioned different cities (different time periods, too?) and thanks to TV Line’s report from last night, New Orleans seems to be one of them. Murphy added, “The fun thing is researching what are the really haunted places in America, and we have a couple doozy locales.”

As evidenced by MURDER HOUSE and ASYLUM, Murphy loves to visually play with the iconography and influences of whatever a particular season’s topics is. He and his team delve in and get far out and by shooting on location, as he plans, this time they can really imbue the series with the atmosphere of America’s pagan past. I cannot wait to see them revel in this.

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