All the audiences can now love “MANDY LANE”

As the Weinstein Company’s newly formed VOD label Radius gets past shelved releases out there, they’ve officially reached one of the most highly sought after, and depressingly held hostage American horrors in recent memory. Jonathan Levine’s Amber Heard-starring ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE will finally see the light of day.

A stylish, successful modern slasher from Levine, ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE was heartily praised at its 2006 Toronto Film Festival premiere, where buzz quickly swelled and the Weinsteins were poised to release. As many know, in the U.S., that never happened.

As Weinsteins dropped it, Senator Entertainment seemed to swoop in until they dissolved prior to release. Radius co-president Tom Quinn tells Deadline, “It is one of my favorite horror films I’ve seen in the last decade, and if I could have afforded it at Magnolia, I would have bought it then. We were finally able to untangle the film’s rights at a time when a multi-platform release makes perfect sense for a film like this. Jonathan’s film WARM BODIES has grossed over $60 million, and to me this movie surpasses what is available to us on the open market.”

MANDY LANE stars Heard as the titular object of everyone’s high school affections. Pure and on a pedestal, she heads on a weekend getaway that sees the classmates who surround her have their lives cut short. Radius’ plans for the film include the now popular VOD and limited theatrical release with the “top 50 markets” targeted for the latter.

Despite being available for those with region-free players, it’s been years since I’ve seen the film and am very much looking forward to seeing its proper stateside release and promptly rediscovering. Levine, of course, has since gone on to the great THE WACKNESS and last month’s WARM BODIES, while producer Keith Calder is gearing up for this year’s much less delayed, and equally splendid YOU’RE NEXT.

See an original trailer above and keep an eye on Fango for much more.

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