AMC to develop Dan Simmons’ arctic “TERROR”


by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-02-14 13:29:53

The network behind THE WALKING DEAD keeps dealing in horror business, taking on a property much colder in climate and monstrous in nature. 

Deadline is reporting that AMC, alongside Ridley Scott’s Scott Free production banner, will take on THE TERROR, an adaptation of award winning horror/sci-fi/fantasy author Dan Simmons’ fictional account of just what happened to the non-fictional Captain Sir John Franklin and his lost expedition to the uncharted portions of the Arctic Ocean’s Northwest Passage in 1845. 

His fourth expedition to the arctic, renowned officer and explorer (and governor of Tasmania from 1836-43) Franklin, his team and their two ships, the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror (of where the novel partly takes its title) were icebound and suffered from pneumonia and starvation, with some eventually resorting to cannibalism. Simmons’ novel, however, reimagines a mythological antagonist in the form of a monster called the Tuunbaq. 

David Kajganich, who penned BLOOD CREEK and has recently been attached to a host of Stephen King-based screenplays, writing new versions of THE STAND, IT and PET SEMETARY, will script. 

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