“AMERICAN HORROR STORY” hints at Season Three tonight


Despite the distinct possibility of head explosion, Ryan Murphy wants you to find a clue in his macabre mosaic tonight. 

As was the case at the end of last season (we’re three episodes out from the end of ASYLUM), AMERICAN HORROR STORY creator Ryan Murphy has hidden a hint in tonight’s episode, “The Name Game” that will point towards the direction of Season Three. You may have understood at this point, but AMERICAN HORROR STORY is taking an anthology-esque approach with each season, bringing us to different locales across the country and shining a light on terrible things.

If you haven’t been keeping up, we’re nearing the finale of ASYLUM, a 60s set story within a Massachusetts (you can tell by the accents) insane asylum that’s managed to include serial killers, possessed nuns, Chloe Sevigny, aliens, a killer Santa, Nazis, Anne Frank and James Cromwell grabbing his crotch, yet no “R’s” (again, the accents). An apt description of the viewing experience: “I’ve been manhandled.”

Furthermore, just as AMERICAN HORROR STORY entered its brief two week hiatus, Murphy told EW that when it returns in Episode 10, “half the cast dies.” There’s also a musical number. Neither feels surprising.

“The Name Game” airs tonight at 10 p.m. Look for regular recaps to resume tomorrow!

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