“AMERICAN MARY” Star Tristan Risk Joins Canadian Thriller, “SAVE YOURSELF”

SICK director Ryan M. Andrews’ new chiller SAVE YOURSELF has just signed AMERICAN MARY starlet Tristan Risk to appear alongside a powerhouse ensemble cast of Canadian talent including Jessica Cameron (TRUTH OR DARE, pictured below with Risk), Ry Barrett (THE DEMOLISHER), Tianna Nori (CLEAN BREAK) and Sydney Kondruss (THE DROWNSMAN).

SAVE YOURSELF sees a girls’ road trip quickly devolve to a living hell when they encounter some very unsavory characters. It aims to be a violent, scary and exciting badass girls vs. drooling psychos romp.

About the film, Risk had this to say: “I’m so thrilled to be doing this, since it’s got some great traditional horror elements but also because of its other qualities. I think SAVE YOURSELF will surprise quite a few people and continue a proud tradition with Canadian genre cinema.”

“It’s a fun story,” Risk adds. “It definitely gets dark and violent, but there is a fun aspect to these characters. The five women on the road trip represent various stereotypes of female characters in horror films. One of them is the slut, one is the girl next door, one is the bitch and so on. So we’re definitely having fun with these characters but with the seriousness of the situation, the audience won’t be laughing.”

To learn more about the flick, head here.


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