Anchor Bay finds “A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE”

Originally posted on 2010-09-17 17:20:54 by Samuel Zimmerman

More distribution news is coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival today and it involves the acquisition of the new AJ Bowen starring thriller, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE. Hit the jump for more!

Deadline reports that Anchor Bay has nabbed the film for English-speaking territories and says “a theatrical component is part of the mix.” Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t mean a whole lot coming from Anchor Bay. Word on the film is strong nonetheless so hopefully it gets its due. Here’s the synopsis and trailer:

“Sarah is starting life over. After her last relationship ended with a revelation that sent her boyfriend, Garrick, to a life sentence in prison, Sarah had no choice but to leave her past behind. Now that she’s been relocated to a small town and given a new identity, Sarah’s embracing the opportunity to start life fresh. Unfortunately for Sarah, the past won’t let go.

Garrick escapes prison and discovers Sarah’s new location, then blazes a violent trail across the country to track her down and disrupt her seemingly perfect new life.

Award-winning director Adam Wingard plays with narrative chronology, sound design and visual aesthetics to slowly unveil the details of Sarah and Garrick’s dark past. Meanwhile, Garrick grows ever closer in his search, leading to a violent confrontation in which the true motivation for his obsessive manhunt is finally revealed.”

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