Brandon Cronenberg Directs Nightmarish Video for Animalia’s “Stifling”


The shadow of horror culture has loomed over the world of music videos ever since the beginnings of the medium, cemented in the likes of such iconic work as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Ozzy Osbourne’s “Bark at the Moon.” This might be the reason why great fright directors have come out of the world of music videos, and why so many more are tempted back. Now, ANTIVIRAL director Brandon Cronenberg joins the ranks with a clip for Canadian experimental techno band Animalia’s “Stifling.”

Animalia teamed with Cronenberg and his ANTIVIRAL cinematographer, Karim Hussain, for this nerve-wracking visual venture. Using haunting minimalism to his advantage, Cronenberg matches the hypnotic surrealism of Animalia’s music by providing a unique sensory overload of wild colors and unsettling movement. It’s odd, chaotic but still somehow alluring; in other words, pure psychotropic horror through the lens of interpretative electronica music.

It’s an interesting choice as a follow-up to the well-received ANTIVIRAL, and one that pays off as the video for “Stifling” shows Cronenberg’s perception of horror goes way beyond the anatomical terror that runs in his blood. Get caught in the aural madness of Animalia below and chime in your thoughts on Cronenberg & Hussain’s visceral visuals below!

“Stifling” comes from Animalia’s MOUTH FULL OF TEETH, which you can hear at their official Bandcamp.

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