ANNOUNCEMENT: By Popular Demand, FANGO’s Half-Off Subscription Sale Extended Until Midnight!

For 36 years and counting, FANGORIA Magazine has carried on a legacy of reporting on the biggest and best of horror culture. Whether it be independent phenomenons, the genre icons who have earned our admiration or even the blockbuster studio forays into the genre, FANGORIA’s first and foremost priority has been giving fans a comprehensive look into horror movies, music, conventions and more. And to this day, FANGORIA looks to keep that priority in mind, with amazing plans for the rest of 2015, with the tip of the iceberg being our gorgeous Barbara Steele cover and an issue guest edited by HANNIBAL auteur Bryan Fuller.

So this past weekend, we wanted to give the many fans we accrued over the last almost four decades a chance to subscribe and extend their subscriptions for the lowest price point in recent memory: 50% off. This sale was only supposed to last 48 hours, acting a pleasant pre-summer surprise to bring fright fans back into the FANGORIA fold. However, the results don’t lie, and unfortunately, those who had yet to receive their pay sent us many emails wondering if there would be any plans to revive this sale in the near future. And while we can’t guarantee we’ll ever be lowering our prices anytime soon down the line, there will be other amazing deals for the FANGORIA store in the very near future, and with that in mind, we will extend our subscription sale until 12 a.m. EST tonight!

That’s right: for those who could not muster up the funds, FANGORIA would like to offer fans one more chance to subscribe and renew for 50% off the already discounted FANGORIA Store price in the interest of fairness. That means, until 12 a.m. tonight, you can save over $70 on a 1-year subscription based on the newsstand price, and fright fans from outside of the U.S. can subscribe for the lowest price ever.

Once again, our sale prices are as follows:
1 year subscription to FANGORIA for only $32.24
6 month subscription to FANGORIA for only $22.24
1 year subscription to GOREZONE for only $22.50

This sale will not be extended any further, and only the devil knows when these savings will rear their ugly head again. So until 12 a.m. tonight, get FANGORIA and GOREZONE back in your life for 50% only at the FANGORIA store!

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