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Announcement: Giallos Flame joins FANGORIA Musick, “ZOMBIE DAWN” Album Due 10/29!


As any fright fan can tell you, the demand for synth-driven psychedelic tunes such as those that scored many of the horror classics in the ’80s has risen drastically over the past few years. Of course, with demand comes the supply, and FANGORIA is proud to announce that Giallos Flame (the alter-ego of synth master Ron Graham) will be bringing old school instrumentals to our label as the latest addition to our FANGORIA Musick roster.

For those unfamiliar with Giallos Flame, here is the official bio for the brooding musical outfit…

Anyone familiar with vintage horror films will instantly recognize that Ron Graham, a/k/a Giallos Flame, is an acolyte of the golden era of horror soundtrack production. Graham has a particular penchant for the sights and sounds of Italian horror. However, this multi-instrumentalist traverses genres; his music would sound equally at home in Napoli’s Quartiere Spagnoli circa 1972 as on the streets of New York in the early ’80s. 
Giallos Flame spans hard-hitting psych rock, break-driven funk and synth-heavy ambient atmospheres that usually share a dark theme in common. Releasing a number of albums on vinyl and CD as well as providing the musical madness for such cult favorites as BLACK DEVIL DOLL and HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN while using the original vintage instruments, Graham is making sure the classic sound of horror never dies.
Graham’s first album under FANGORIA Musick, entitled ZOMBIE DAWN, will be dropping digitally on Thursday, October 29th. You can check out the official promotional video for the album below, and check back here at FANGORIA.com for more from Giallos Flame!

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