As anticipation swells for our subscription and sell-through only revamp of FANGORIA’s wild sister magazine GOREZONE, we’re thrilled to leak yet another treat that will splat across its pages.

First we told you that our premiere returning issue would feature an uninhibited, exclusive nude photo shoot and frank interview with iconic scream queen Linnea Quigley (see item HERE), then we reported that writer Tim Lucas would be returning to GOREZONE with a brand new column spinning off from his beloved Video Watchdog feature (read all about it HERE).

And now…for another juicy reveal.

We’re bringing back another classic GOREZONE column in our “Make-Up FX Lab”. This time however it will be penned by none other than the man who invented “splatter”: Tom Savini.

Originally written by FX wizards John Caglione and Doug Drexler, we’re thrilled to announce that Savini – who needs no introduction here – will be steering the new version of the lamented prosthetic effects master-class column. Tom will be digging up classic gags from his storied past with rarely seen – in some cases, NEVER seen – photos from his personal collection as well as his current work, the work of new FX artists he deems worthy, his warts-and-all opinions on the state of the FX industry and more. The column will be intelligent, thoughtful, educational, funny…and of course wonderfully revolting!

We’re thrilled to have Tom on board for our GOREZONE re-launch. Won’t you come along with us for the ride?

Our revamped GOREZONE–issue #28, continuing where the original run left off in 1994–is available now for a discounted pre-sale subscription of $45 per year. Order here before July 15th, when the price goes up.

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