Another “MADMAN” man, “JAWS” and more at NY’s Hudson Horror this weekend


The screenings may be sold out, but the Hudson Horror Show taking place in upstate New York this weekend is more than just movies; there’s a packed vendors’ room with special guests that’s free to attend!

Hudson Horror Show 11, which takes place this Saturday, June 13 at Poughkeepsie, NY’s Empire South Hills 8 in the South Hills Mall (1895 South Road), has added a third body to its celebration of the early-’80s cult slasher flick MADMAN. In addition to producer Gary Sales and actor Paul Ehlers (Madman Marz himself!), Tom Candela, a.k.a. Jimmy Steele (who played Richie in the film), will be on hand at the Vinegar Syndrome table, signing copies of the company’s new Blu-ray/DVD special edition of the film. Vinegar Syndrome is just one of over 20 dealers who will be offering all sorts of horrific merchandise, including DVDs, toys and posters (the latter include Grey Matter Art, creators of beautiful licensed art including THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE as pictured below, EVIL DEAD II, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, AMERICAN PSYCHO and more). In addition, creature/puppet creator Bill Diamond (THE DARK CRYSTAL, MONSTER TV) will be on hand with a giant full-scale head of JAWS’ “Bruce” shark head (thanks to JAWS supercollector Chris Kiska) for photo ops.

Again, there’s no admission charge to check out the vendors and guests; find out more about Hudson Horror at its official website and its Facebook page.


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