April Bedan’s “I WISH I COULD FORGET”, starring FANGORIA Musick’s KARDIAC, Now on DVD!


For those who have followed FANGORIA Musick as it has grown and evolved over the years, you may have heard of the label’s current producer and curator, April Bedan. Aside from acquiring and creating content for the label from innovative and groundbreaking new artists, including Bleak December Inc. and THE HORDE mixtapes, Bedan has also been hard at work on her film I WISH I COULD FORGET, the brainchild of Bedan’s frequent collaborator and FANGORIA Musick flagship artist Corey “KARDIAC” Jennings. Now, I WISH I COULD FORGET is bringing its haunting vision to the world at large, with the nightmarish short film now available on DVD!

An official selection of the FANGORIA International Online Film Fest, Etheria’s Women Underground 2016,and winner of Best Special Effects (Short Film) of Fantastic Cinema 2016 presented by Shock Till You Drop/CRYPT TV, here’s the official synopsis and trailer for I WISH I COULD FORGET…

It begins with dreams and nose bleeds. The ringing noise that pierces the ear becomes a sign that they’re near. A distant cousin of the greys, they feed on rotten meat. They’re out for blood, and the violence is unspeakable. This is something you wish you could forget.

Featuring music from KARDIAC and filmed at Graystone Haunted Manor in Longview, TX, you can order I WISH I COULD FORGET on DVD at the KARDIAC Store HERE. Stay tuned for more from April Bedan and I WISH I COULD FORGET here at FANGORIA.com!

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