Are you “STRESSED TO KILL”? Bill Oberst Jr. is! Poster and exclusive photos


The pressures of modern living take their toll on a man played by the ubiquitous Bill Oberst Jr. in 120/80: STRESSED TO KILL, the latest feature from Australian bad boy Mark Savage. Read on for the info, some exclusive pics and the poster.

Savage, whose previous features include MARAUDERS, SENSITIVE NEW AGE KILLER and DEFENCELESS: A BLOOD SYMPHONY, helmed STRESSED TO KILL from a script he wrote with attorney-turned-screenwriter Tom Parnell. Armand Assante also stars, with makeup FX by the busy Marcus Koch (WE ARE STILL HERE, THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE, CIRCUS OF THE DEAD). The director provided the following synopsis: “After a man [Oberst] in his mid-40s suffers a heart attack, his doctor advises him to reduce his blood pressure by identifying and eliminating the stresses in his life. Taking his doctor’s orders literally, the man’s activities attract the attention of a crazed cop [Assante] who believes they share common goals and targets.

“We just finished everything up last month, including sound mix and final grade, and will be rolling the film out to festivals over the next six months.” Keep your eyes here for further news!







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