Art, Release Details: John Harrison’s “CREEPSHOW” Vinyl from Waxwork


Waxwork Records, who’ve done stellar work with reissues of ROSEMARY’S BABY, DAY OF THE DEAD and RE-ANIMATOR have unveiled the full package behind their definitive release of John Harrison’s CREEPSHOW score. The soundtrack of George Romero and Stephen King’s iconic ode to horror comics past will boast art by “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin, five variants so that you may celebrate whichever segment of the film is your favorite and much more.

Since I truly admire vinyl, but can speak very little about it, find all of the details, as well as images of the package, below. You can pre-order CREEPSHOW at Waxwork Records beginning Tuesday, April 1.

WAXWORK RECORDS is thrilled to announce their next LP release to the 1982 horror anthology classic, CREEPSHOW. The film was directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King. The score was composed and performed by John Harrison (DAY OF THE DEAD, TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE).

This definitive release of the film score has never before been released. The original master tapes of the CREEPSHOW film score were lost for over 30 years, but with the efforts of composer John Harrison and Waxwork Records, the tapes were located in the attic of Jeree Recording Studios in New Brighton, PA. The tapes remained in remarkable shape over the years and were re-mixed and re-mastered for vinyl. The CREEPSHOW score has never sounded this good.

Pre-orders begin Tuesday, April 1st via waxworkrecords.com LP package details include:

• Heavyweight casebound tip-on gatefold jacket with a satin coating

• Director essay from George A. Romero

• Composer essay from John Harrison

• A built-in booklet featuring production stills, artwork, and liner notes

• A satin coated 12×12 art print of The Creeper

• Full album packaging artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin

This release features FIVE different vinyl variations that correspond to each story in the film. Each variant is pressed onto high quality 180 gram vinyl and are as follows:

• Father’s Day: Cake Icing vinyl with Blood Clot splatter

• Something To Tide You Over: Transparent Ocean Blue vinyl

• The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verill: Transparent “Meteor Shit” green vinyl

• The Crate: Fluffy Fur Gray vinyl with Blood Clot splatter

• They’re Creeping Up On You!: Cockroach Brown vinyl

Track List

1. Prologue

2. The Creepshow Welcomes You

3. Henry Is Told The Family Secrets

4. She Bashed His Head In

5. Bedelia Arrives

6. Where’s My Cake? I Want My Cake

7. Nate Comes Out Of The Grave

8. Henry Goes Looking

9. Henry Meets Nate; Henry Gets Crushed

10. I Got My Cake

11. Sylvia On A Platter – A Meteor Arrives

12. Jordy Discovers His Meteor

13. Jordy Hallucinates And Takes A Bath

14. From The Farm To The Beach

15. Get In The Hole Harry

16. If You Can Hold Your Breath

17. Richard Watches Them Drown

18. From The Beach To The College

19. Mike Discovers The Crate

20. Dex And Mike Move The Crate

21. Dex And Mike Open The Crate

22. Mike Meets Fluffy

23. Henry Leaves Wilma A Note

24. Wilma Looks Under The Stairs

25. Wake Up! Wake Up!

26. Fluffy Eats Wilma

27. Henry Dumps Fluffy

28. What Are Friends For?

29. Bastards

30. Bugs Start Creeping Up On Pratt

31. Blackout

32. The End Of Pratt

33. Garbage Men Find Billy’s Comic Book

34. Until Next Time

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