Artsploitation and Fango’s Chris Alexander team for “FEMALE WEREWOLF”

Fango’s Chris Alexander, currently hitting festivals with his second feature QUEEN OF BLOOD (pictured top), will team with TLA art horror offshoot Artsploitation Films for his third Eurohorror-influenced picture, FEMALE WEREWOLF. 

Artsploitation, who last year released the likes of acclaimed art genre titles like TOAD ROAD and VANISHING WAVES, will finance and distribute FEMALE WEREWOLF, which is being called a “violent, erotic, psychological indie thriller.” FEMALE WEREWOLF tells the story of a “woman on the brink of madness, marginalized and isolated, whose fevered dreams are causing radical changes to her mind and body. As she further loses touch with reality, she slowly, surely, morphs into a monster…”

QUEEN OF BLOOD and BLOOD FOR IRINA stars Carrie Gemmell and Shauna Henry are expected to appear in FEMALE WEREWOLF, which Alexander will shoot over the winter in Toronto. Carlos Enriques will provide special makeup FX.

“FEMALE WEREWOLF falls in line with my interest in stories about women in extreme situations, realized in deliberately abstract ways while trading in well-worn genre iconography,” says Alexander. “The film is inspired in part by Rino Di Silvestro’s exploitation classic LEGEND OF THE WEREWOLF WOMAN, a film I greatly admire, as well as Jess Franco’s FEMALE VAMPIRE, a picture I reference often and of course, Polanski’s REPULSION. But FEMALE WEREWOLF’s style, dreamy tone and sensualized violence are something different, something unique to my personal vision. I’m excited to bring this one to life.”

Artsploitation’s Ray Murray says, “I am excited to be working with Chris. He knows how to make wild, entertaining and provocative genre films all on a budget that could literally blow the head off a free-spending Hollywood executive.”

Find the first art for FEMALE WEREWOLF above, and expect much more on the film here at Fango.


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