At last: Kevin Bacon returns to “TREMORS”!


Kevin Bacon has mentioned his desire to revisit his 1990 monster-movie favorite TREMORS on numerous occasions in recent years—and now that desire is being fulfilled.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bacon (who discussed his love of TREMORS at Fantasia and at a Fango-hosted screening at the New York-area Alamo Drafthouse) will star in and executive-produce a TREMORS TV series that’s currently in the works at Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions. Andrew Miller, whose credits include TV’s THE SECRET CIRCLE and Vincenzo Natali’s NOTHING, is writing the show, in which Bacon will once again star as Valentine McKee, dealing with graboid attacks on the desert town of Perfection. No word yet on whether Fred Ward’s Earl or other TREMORS movie characters will return for the series, which is currently being shopped to networks, with “multiple bidders” said to be interested. This will be the second time the subterranean monster worms have invaded television, following the Sci-Fi Channel’s single-season TREMORS: THE SERIES in 2003.

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