“BACK TO FRANK BLACK” Book to Revisit Life, Legacy and Future of “MILLENNIUM”


X-FILES fans worldwide were recently given great reason to rejoice with Fox’s announcement of the return of Chris Carter’s hit series an astounding thirteen years after its original run. However, THE X-FILES isn’t Carter’s only series with a legion of fans pining for a return, with some pondering if Carter may also go as far as to bring back MILLENNIUM and its figurehead, Frank Black.

MILLENNIUM, the dark Serial killer drama that delved into the different manifestations of evil in our modern society, has a steady and hopeful fan base that has been slowly hatching and plotting a plan for a return of the show to fully realize its story. With the release of the book, BACK TO FRANK BLACK as well as IDW Publishing release of a five issue comic book series based on MILLENNIUM, the hopes of a return of this estimable show are starting to gain some serious traction.

BACK TO FRANK BLACK is a complete book of essays and interviews created by the people behind backtofrankblack.com, a campaign for the return of criminal profiler Frank Black to our screens. Featuring a foreword by Mr. Black himself, Lance Henriksen, as well as co-executive producer Frank Spotnitz and an introduction by Carter, this campaign has some serious weight behind it, with all involved expressing a keen interest in its return. The exclusive interviews are honest and interesting, with insight and memories shared years after the series finale from the likes of Megan Gallagher, Brittany Tiplady, Glen Morgan and James Wong, to mention a few.

Many fright fans believe that MILLENNIUM never gained the recognition or serious attention it deserved, especially when compared to X-FILES rockier final seasons. For these die hard fans, as well as those with just a desultory curiosity in the series, this comprehensive publication will acknowledge and cover any bases that put a spotlight on previously ignored background information of this celebrated series. Henriksen himself has been quoted as saying “In my mind, no time has passed since we finished MILLENNIUM. Although that’s not a reality, somehow the process of doing Frank Black has never left me. I’ve thought about it often over the years and could pull the trigger to do the role again.”

Backtofrankblack.com is a tremendous online resource for MILLENNIUM aficionados, and a great accompaniment to the book. It features news, podcasts, informative links, interviews as well as details of how you can jump on board this worthwhile campaign. With the billowing steam behind this campaign, The X-Files may not be the only brainchild of Carter’s receiving a lauded resurrection in the future…..

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