Badass Digest takes a look at our monthly Dead Right Horror Trivia Night in L.A.


I don’t live in L.A. Many friends do, however. Some of those friends include my colleague here at FANGORIA, Rebekah McKendry, Shock Till You Drop Managing Editor Ryan Turek and Badass Digest writer Brian Collins and extends to the larger circle of admirers and creators of the macabre they run in. Thus, the third Thursday of every month is a bit envy-inducing. That’s when a mix of fierce competition, totally wizard team names, prizes and shared enthusiasm create Rebekah and Ryan’s beast, Dead Right Horror Trivia Night.

It’s exactly what it sounds like and if you’re like me, watching from Twitter sidelines can be frustrating. Luckily, Collins has delved into just how fun and fraught things can get when trying to recall the tiniest details of Larry Cohen movies. He’s penned a piece at Badass Digest that serves as an exciting account of how Dead Right has developed and the small frenzy it stirs up for its teams and the fans, writers and filmmakers that attend. I know I’d be terrible, but god I wish I was there.

You can read Collins’ Crypt: Horror Trivia Goes For Deep Cuts, and see a sample round of questions, right here. For more, like Dead Right Horror Trivia Night on Facebook, and see a snap of the current reigning champs, Zombie Redneck Torture Family, below. 


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