Barbara Crampton turns producer with “BEYOND THE GATES”


A longtime Fango favorite from films like RE-ANIMATOR, YOU’RE NEXT and the upcoming WE ARE STILL HERE, actress Barbara Crampton has stepped behind the camera as part of the creative team on the fright flick BEYOND THE GATES.

Crampton is one of the producers on the currently shooting GATES, along with Destroy All Entertainment’s Amanda Mortimer and Lodger Films’ Georg Kallert and Rob Schroeder. Jackson Stewart, who has written for TV’s SUPERNATURAL, directs from a script he penned with Stephen Scarlata, and the cast is headed by Graham Skipper from ALMOST HUMAN and RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL, Chase Williamson from JOHN DIES AT THE END and THE GUEST, HALLOWEEN 2’s Brea Grant, CONTRACTED’s Matt Mercer, Justin Welborn from THE SIGNAL, THE CRAZIES and THE FINAL DESTINATION, Jesse Merlin, SIGNAL and V/H/S director David Bruckner and Pierson Ryan.

The synopsis: “Two estranged brothers reunite seven months after their father’s disappearance to liquidate his anemic video store. While there, they unearth an old VCR board game that acts as an interdimensional hub to a nightmare world where their father’s soul is trapped and can only be saved by playing the game. The film is an adventure horror that pays loving tribute to the VHS format, video stores and board games of the era.” Keep your eyes here for further news!

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