Barbara Steele on Blu-ray: “NIGHTMARE CASTLE” details/art


Legendary actress Barbara Steele, cover girl of FANGORIA #342, is showcased in a extensive Blu-ray package coming later this summer. We’ve got the full lineup of special features and the cover art.

As we first revealed here, Severin Films is giving Steele’s 1965 chiller NIGHTMARE CASTLE (a.k.a. THE FACELESS MONSTER among other titles) its hi-def disc debut August 18. The actress takes a dual role in Mario Caiano’s film, which features the equally legendary composer Ennio Morricone’s first horror score: Steele plays a woman who, along with her lover, is tortured to death by her sadistic husband and then returns from the grave, and her unstable stepsister. Restored in hi-def from the original negative, NIGHTMARE CASTLE will be accompanied on the Blu-ray by two more Steele flicks, both presented in 2K scans of rare U.S. 35mm release prints: CASTLE OF BLOOD and TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE. Other special features are:

• Exclusive new audio commentary by Steele and horror historian David Del Valle
• “Barbara Steele in Conversation” featurette
• Interview featurette with director Caiano
• TERROR CREATURES featurette with director Massimo Pupillo, actor Riccardo Garrone and film historian Fabio Melelli (in Italian with optional English subtitles)
• TERROR CREATURES deleted scenes (in French with optional English subtitles)
• Trailers


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