Barbie Wilde on Daniele Serra’s “VEINS AND SKULLS”


This writer was introduced to Daniele Serra’s work through Cheryl Mullenax at Comet Publishing and was fortunate enough to have this award-winning artist and illustrator do the cover artwork for my debut dark crime novel, THE VENUS COMPLEX. Serra has now produced an entire book of his creations called VEINS AND SKULLS, published by Short, Scary Tales Publications, with a foreword  by author Jeff Mariotte.

Yet again, Serra’s intricate, sinister, sexy, humane, emotional and darkly disturbing work floors me. You look at these works of art and yearn to know the back stories that live behind them. Why does the woman on the cover hold the skull with such tenderness and passion? Why does another beautiful woman dream of skulls and deserted, blasted cities?

There is a great sensuality in these paintings, where a look in a woman’s eyes seems to be enticing you, yet at the same time, there could be danger lurking in those enthralling orbs.  Many of the images indeed focus on women and, not surprisingly, on the titular veins and skulls. I’m personally fascinated by skull imagery and Serra clearly is as well. Skulls represent not only death and hint at evil, but are emblematic of mortality, sex, human sacrifice, repentance, poison, humanity and knowledge persisting beyond death. One could imagine that many of these symbolic representations could be the sources of Serra’s inspiration.

I think there are two aspects when I create a painting: one is extremely playful and experimental; the other is the need to communicate. It is these two elements that best express my attempts to create my art.

– Daniele Serra

To purchase Veins and Skulls visit Short, Scary Tales or Amazon US.

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