Barnabas’ Column #18: Kathryn Leigh Scott Achieves Diva Status and Co-stars With Fan

According to actor/writer Leon Acord, Kathryn Leigh Scott is “worshiped” for her role as Maggie Evans on DARK SHADOWS. Acord, creator of the popular web sitcom OLD DOGS & NEW TRICKS, is delighted to have signed Scott for a role in the show’s third season, now being streamed. Scott, according to Acord, is one of the faces which makes the current season “diva heavy”. Also joining the OLD DOGS cast are divas Rutanya Alda (AMYTIVILLE 2, MOMMIE DEAREST) and comedian Mo Gaffney. 

The series follows the sometimes comedic, sometimes dramatic adventures of a group of middle aged gay men in the gay mecca of “WeHo”, West Hollywood, California. The guys are looking for love in all the wrong places, just like their thirty year old counterparts. Kathryn Leigh Scott will appear on the season finale as Lily Anne, mom to old dog Al “Muscles” Carter (Jeffrey Patrick Olson).

Scott, for her part, loved working with Acord and company, but is amused by the “diva” label. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think anyone would refer to me as a diva,” she said with a laugh. During her appearances at Dark Shadows Festivals and other genre cons, the warm, approachable Scott is anything but a diva, as many fans can attest to.

Leon Accord found out first hand how down to earth Scott is. “A total pro!” he said. “She shot her scenes in a house at the top of a steep hill, but she wouldn’t let anyone carry her clothes and stuff. She didn’t want any special treatment.”

Acord had even higher praise for Scott’s performance as Lily Anne. “I can’t wait for folks to see it, she’s so true and moving,” he said.

Scott’s consideration for others continued to the end of the shoot. “When she wrapped, I heard her say to Jeffrey that she felt a little raspy in the last take,” Acord recalled. “She wished she could do one more. I told her if she wanted to, I’d tell the director to get one more. She thought for a moment and then said ‘no, that’s OK, you guys are on a schedule.’ I thought that was really classy.”

For actor Jeffrey Patrick Olson, a DARK SHADOWS fan, working with Scott was a delight.

“Kathryn and I formed a fast comfortability with each other which of course helped our onscreen relationship as mother/son,” Olson told Fango. “We actually have a mutual friend, so after the casting announcement we all went on a double date in Beverly Hills for Happy Hour. This was also after meeting her at a DARK SHADOWS convention a year or two earlier.”

Olson has nothing but high praise for his co-star. “She is elegant, poised and considerate,” he said. “She could have been a Hitchcock blond but with a vast amount of warmth readily apparent. The scenes with her are so real and tangible and show how we all turn back into little boys and girls and fall into family patterns once that threshold is crossed.”

“I loved the role,” said Scott. “After meeting Jeffrey I couldn’t resist the offer to play his mother.”

Olson spoke a bit about his onscreen relationship with Scott. “Muscles experiences what he believes to be defining moments that jar his sense of self,” he explained. “He needs to refocus, recenter. That’s what a trip home means to him. After decompression there’s two choices: continue on with a new approach or shake things up with some life changes for a whole new direction. The latter was my choice after moving to LA in 2009. So I drew from personal experience.”

“It was great to work with such a kind and caring cast and crew,” Scott said. “All so very talented and devoted to creating this fun, poignant series.”

The current season of OLD DOGS & NEW TRICKS is now being uploaded. New episodes are posted every Wednesday here. Kathryn Leigh Scott’s episode will air at Christmastime.


Fans Having Fun:

DARK SHADOWS fan Bobby Collins stars in DUSTY OLD MOVIES, his own delightful You Tube series. He’s produced eight episodes to date. In each installment, Bobby shows not only his deep love for classic horror cinema, but also his droll and clever sense of humor, along with his boundless energy. We suspect that Bobby may be a TV horror host in the making. We hope you enjoy Bobby Collins’ DARK SHADOWS episode of DUSTY OLD MOVIES, in which he reviews the Return of Barnabas storyline from 1967:

The Shadows on the Halls:

It’s a busy month for DARK SHADOWS. Noted film historian David Del Valle offers a peek inside the psyches of the late DARK SHADOWS scribe Sam Hall and his wife Grayson, beloved by DS fans for her portrayal of Dr. Julia Hoffman, in The Shaodws on the Halls.

While I take issue with Del Valle’s comparison of Hall’s writing style to that of the romance novelist Barbara Cartland (Hall  did some brilliant writing on DS) I nonetheless find Del Valle’s portrait of Sam Hall the man to be a fascinating one. No doubt some DS fans will take offense to Del Valle’s piece. It should therefore be pointed out that Del Valle’s credentials as a journalist and historian are impeccable–his video series The Sinister Image featured in depth and insightful interviews with notable figures such as Vincent Price and filmmaker Curtis Harrington.

Likewise, Films in Review has a long history of offering knowledgeable writings about the film industry.

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