“BARRICADE” director Timo Rose gets back to “NATURE” with Bigfoot series


German goremeister Timo Rose, creator of BARRICADE, GAME OVER and others, has now tackled a North American legend with the documentary-style series NATURE. Read on for the details and the official trailer.

Written and directed by Rose, NATURE stars Max Evans as Steve Chandon, an “egomaniac millionaire and nature activist” obsessing over an encounter he had with a strange creature in 1999. In the present day, he sets out alone with video equipment into the deep forest to find Bigfoot, which becomes an obsessive, alcohol-fueled quest. Mai Huynh created the makeup FX, and the first six-episode season, which recently wrapped and is set to debut this October, features guest appearances by Plotdigger Films honcho/makeup FX artist Ryan Nicholson (LIVE FEED, GUTTERBALLS, COLLAR), Tara Cardinal (WRATH OF THE CROWS, THE PROFANE EXHIBIT), FRIDAY THE 13TH’s original Jason Ari Lehman and others. For the second season, which is currently in preproduction, Rose has lined up cameos by THE CONVENT and BIG ASS SPIDER! director Mike Mendez, THE BUNNY GAME star Rodleen Getsic and more. For further info, check out NATURE’s Facebook page.

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