There’s always a weird separation between what serial killers are and what society often perceives them to be. Often times, society imagines serial killers as these terrifying prowlers, or romanticizes them to be these misunderstood outcasts who are byproducts of their environment. But in reality, being a serial killer is a bit of an insane, complicated task: most serial killers are lucky more than calculating and effective, and anything can go wrong, from the planning to the act itself to the disposal of evidence. And in the new horror comedy pilot BARRY BAKER: ASPIRING SERIAL KILLER, anything and everything does go wrong, with a tongue-in-cheek look at a normal guy with homicidal tendencies.

For those not in the know, BARRY BAKER: ASPIRING SERIAL KILLER follows Barry Baker, an office drone whose life as a pushover has lead him to the end of his rope. But after having vivid dreams of murderous rage and fantastic hallucinations to inspire him, Barry decides that he wants to pursue becoming a serial killer. However, Barry is far from a bloodthirsty soul, and he soon learns that the fantasy of murder is much different than the reality.

In the vein of horror comedies such as TUCKER & DALE and BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, the pilot for BARRY BAKER: ASPIRING SERIAL KILLER is a fun, charming take on a serial killer story. With a heartfelt take on its main conceit, BARRY BAKER finds strength in its humor, offering some genuinely hilarious one-liners as well as a pretty fantastic third act visual gag. BARRY BAKER also does a pretty solid job at putting the audience directly in the twisted world it presents, with plenty of quirky, curious characters who feel fitting to the universe on display. And BARRY BAKER pulls off some impressive visuals for an independently-produced pilot, from Barry’s vivid, sharp hallucinations to the solid blood FX work.


Written and directed by Tony Ahedo, BARRY BAKER also deserves credit for the potential of the world it builds, as there are many interesting paths that can be explored should the pilot go to series. From the actual murders happening in the world around Barry to his varied relationships with his co-workers, BARRY BAKER: ASPIRING SERIAL KILLER plants the seeds for a much bigger story than that of a bumbling murderer with a heart of gold. There’s even a bit of cultural commentary in BARRY BAKER as well, with Barry’s relationship to an violent sci-fi series serving as further justification for his morbid urges.

BARRY BAKER is also a series that works as well as it does thanks to its adept and talented cast. Peter Konowicz is excellent as the titular Barry, capturing a real underdog spirit with Barry that makes you root for him, as well as a sense of misguided innocence that helps the audience doubt his homicidal rage. BARRY BAKER also sports strong supporting performances from Nathan Jokela as Barry’s crude boss David, Danae Deshazer as Barry’s good-natured object of affection Annie, David Lendermon as Barry’s best friend / delivery guy, Paul Saulo as Barry’s wise foreign coworker, Selena Vela as Barry’s death-obsessed colleague, and David McMahon as Barry’s hallucinated star of a sci-fi vigilante series.

Overall, BARRY BAKER: ASPIRING SERIAL KILLER is a fetching, freaky horror comedy series that this writer would love to see more of. With a hilarious script and great performances all-around, BARRY BAKER is the kind of twisted comedy series that fans of more lighthearted horror fare are sure to enjoy. A solid subversion on the serial killer thriller, BARRY BAKER deserves your attention; you won’t regret spending time with this murderer in the making.

BARRY BAKER: ASPIRING SERIAL KILLER will be available on Monday, October 31st, on Amazon Prime. You can find out more about this hilarious killer series at its official website HERE.

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Kristen Adelwerth
Kristen is a grad student studying screenwriting in New York, NY. She loves horror movies about dead teens and grew up with an insatiable appetite for bloody slasher flicks. Her favorite film is THE CONDEMNED.
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