BBC’s Zombie series “IN THE FLESH” hitting U.S. this June

In February we got glimpses of IN THE FLESH, a UK series with a zombie protagonist preparing to re-enter the world at large. Now, as is often the case, the show will hit our shores via BBC America this June.

In what looked especially interesting as a decently fresh take on a decidedly not-so-fresh subgenre, IN THE FLESH’s outbreak is referred to as PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome). “The series follows 18-year-old Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry), a PDS sufferer who, now treated with the medication Neurolax, is deemed ready to return to his parents’ home in the small village of Roarton. Since the passing of the PDS Protection act, the government has set an agenda of acceptance and tolerance, one that is at odds with the communities abandoned at the time of The Rising, and the bloody battle between zombies and humans that ensued. A cauldron of brutal anti-zombie sentiment boils in Roarton, the home of the ‘rotter’ hating Human Volunteer Force (HVF). Can Kieren’s neighbors forgive him for what he did in his untreated state? More importantly can Kieren forgive himself?”

IN THE FLESH is set to premiere in miniseries form on Thursday, June 6 at 10 p.m. You can see a trailer above.

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