Benedict Cumberbatch no longer in del Toro’s Gothic, Haunted House film, “CRIMSON PEAK”


If you’ll forgive me the only joke I promise I’ll ever make about the reaching the title of this movie as if it were an actual mountain: Guillermo del Toro will have to undergo yet another casting change before he reaches the CRIMSON PEAK. 

After Emma Stone was replaced with Mia Wasikowska (of this year’s best movie, STOKER), THR is reporting that he-who-is-made-for Gothic English period pieces, Benedict Cumberbatch, is rejecting his natural state and has exited the film. CRIMSON PEAK is still set to star Wasikowska, PACIFIC RIM’s Charlie Hunnam, MAMA’s Jessica Chastain and I’m assuming Ron Perlman as the titular mountain.

The film is said to be something of a windswept haunted house picture, with del Toro channeling proper Gothic tales à la Bronte. The director of THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE and PAN’S LABYRINTH has previously cited classic horror house films of meticulous design like THE HAUNTING as touchstones, but also told FANGORIA that while traditional in aesthetic construct, CRIMSON PEAK is “…at the same time very modern in the sense that it has strong sex and violence. I’ve never done a movie that has anything remotely kinky, but this movie is a little kinky and the violence is very shocking. So you’re traversing through a tranquil Gothic romance, and all of a sudden this terrifying and sexual stuff comes in. It’s very much a haunted-house movie, but I don’t think there’s a ghost of a chance that we’ll get a PG-13 rating.”

CRIMSON PEAK is expected to go into production this January.

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