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After a successful tour of numerous festivals and theatrical bookings over the past two years, BEST WORST MOVIE is coming home. Michael Paul Stephenson’s documentary about the creation of TROLL 2 will be available on DVD and other digital platforms November 16.

New Video will be releasing the movie under its Docurama Films banner, allowing more bad-movie fans to view Stephenson’s chronicle of his experiences as the child star of Claudio Fragasso’s notorious non-sequel. Via interviews with Fragasso and most of TROLL 2’s cast (most notably star/dentist George Hardy), and footage of the movie’s nationwide revival screenings nearly two decades after its video debut, he focuses on how a movie he once regarded as an embarrassment turned into a cult favorite. The disc will include the following extras:

• Over an hour of deleted scenes and interviews

• Fan contributions, including music videos and mashup trailers

• Filmmaker Q&A with Creative Screenwriting magazine

• A “provocative message” from TROLL 2’s Goblin Queen, Deborah Reed

Retail price is $19.95. TROLL 2 itself will not be included, but it is being given its solo DVD and Blu-ray debuts by MGM/Fox Home Entertainment October 5. See our review of BEST WORST MOVIE here and Stephenson’s early comments about the DVD supplements here. You can find BEST WORST MOVIE’s official website here and Facebook page here.

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