“BETAMAX” horror anthology sets LA premiere; director details


After three V/H/S anthology features, it was only natural that a group of underground filmmakers would go back to video’s roots and come up with a go-for-broke omnibus shocker called BETAMAX. Read on for info on its creators and the premiere this month.

BETAMAX will be unveiled next Saturday, February 21 at Los Angeles’ American Cinematheque, in the Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian (6712 Hollywood Boulevard), at 10 p.m. as part of a special Hollywood Underground program presented in conjunction with Jumpcut Cafe and the Underground Film Journal. The movie features segments by:

• Bobby Hacker, who served as an art director and visual FX creator on THE THEATRE BIZARRE

• Jim Kunz, director for Elvira’s TV series and cinematographer on numerous making-of documentaries, including LOST SOUL: THE DOOMED JOURNEY OF RICHARD STANLEY’S “ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU”

• Scooter McCrae, creator of SHATTER DEAD and SIXTEEN TONGUES

• Mike Etoll, director of music videos for Meat Puppets and Babes in Toyland and special FX artist on THE HAGSTONE DEMON and DOLLFACE, among others

• Damon Packard of THE UNTITLED STAR WARS MOCKUMENTARY and FOXFUR, whose contribution is called “Carpenter’s Corpse”

For more on the screening, click here, and stay tuned for further BETAMAX details!

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