Big brother is killing you: Award-winning “FOUND” finds distribution


After scooping up over 30 awards at various festivals, the coming-of-age horror feature FOUND has been acquired for North American release. Fango got the first word on the details.

FOUNDDISTRIBUTIONNEWS2 FOUND, directed by Scott Schirmer and written by Schirmer and Todd Rigney based on the latter’s novel, was picked up by The October People, the filmmaking collective behind this month’s release THE INVOKING. The movie focuses on Marty (Gavin Brown, pictured below), a fifth grader who excels at school but has problems with both bullies and his parents—but things get far worse when he discovers that his older brother Steve (Ethan Philbeck) is a serial killer.

“After reading Todd Rigney’s book for the first time, I never wanted anything so badly in my entire life,” Schirmer says. “On a surface level, FOUND struck me as an unlikely mashup of two of my favorite films—ORDINARY PEOPLE and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. But under that surface were a dozen or so delicious ambiguities and provocative themes that spoke to me very personally.”

Schimer and the October People gang hooked up on the fest circuit: “THE INVOKING felt like a sister film to FOUND,” the director says. “They had similar budgets and scope of production, and a lot of love went into both projects. I felt like we were in the same boat, promoting our first features and trying to learn everything we could about the industry. Indie filmmaking is so challenging, it just felt natural to want to work together to achieve some common good.”

Adds October People’s Matt Medisch, “FOUND grabbed ahold of me and would not let go. It was made with a style and passion that we at The October People aspire to in our own films. To be able to support and work with such amazing new filmmaking talent is an absolute pleasure. We cannot wait for FOUND to be unleashed onto the widest possible audience.” We’ll let you know when that will happen as we find out; have a look at FOUND’s trailer below the pic.


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