BioGamer Girl: “DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY” (Video Game Review)


by: Amanda Dyar on: 2013-01-14 22:38:17

Despite a title that would be easily mistaken for a first
release, DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY is actually the fifth in the acclaimed action
series from Capcom. The new moniker has developer Ninja Theory, known for their
work on HEAVENLY SWORD, under the hood, but the refreshing reboot may have been
just what the doctor ordered.

Easily one of the best action titles in recent memory,
the game should count DEVIL MAY CRY among the top dogs of the genre once again.
With a compelling storyline and fantastic combat all wrapped up in an amazing
new art design, DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY is the best the series has seen and likely a
name that will come up at the end of 2013 for Game of the Year honors.

The DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY series, and quite frankly, nearly any
hack and slash action title outside of GOD OF WAR, will always lack in the
story department, but the new release provides one of the most thought
provoking and deeply emotional experiences fans have ever seen. While the game
is packed with plenty of action, there are numerous moments of emotional
investment as Dante relives memories of childhood with his mother, finds in a
love interest named Kat or shows his brotherly bond with Vergil. Still, DmC:
DEVIL MAY CRY is heavy on the swear words, sex, nudity, alcohol, middle
fingers, one liners and all of the other quirks fans would expect. This is a
younger Dante after all, and the protagonist will be slaying plenty of demons
on his way to getting revenge on Mundus, the King of all Demons. Needless to
say, DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY delivers a great narrative on all fronts.

DmC does a good job of mixing together fun platforming with
challenging combat. Dante will quickly get around the world of Limbo City by
using weapons that allow him to pull objects closer to him or by grappling
quickly to nearby areas and utilizing his inherent abilities to double jump and
glide across the air for short distances. Unlike other games however, DmC:
DEVIL MAY CRY doesn’t typically penalize the player for making mistakes in the
jumping. Players lose nothing more than a little time when falling in
bottomless pits. Dante almost instantly restarts from the beginning of the
platforming sequence, and the same applies for combat where Dante can use the
same weapons to quickly attack enemies from long distances or bring the enemies
to him to land quick combo chains. Old classics such as the sword Rebellion,
the twin pistols Ebony & Ivory and the Devil Trigger limit gauge return to
retain combat that is authentic and reminiscent of the previous games. Other
game modes are available outside of the main storyline too, including Missions
and Secret Missions mode, a Training mode and the downloadable Bloody Palace
arena-type mode, coming after the game is launched to add even more fun to an
already great game.


The world of DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY is a hellish one, with
demons lurking around every corner. The world, quite literally, seems out to
get Dante, as environments alter to his presence, trying to kill the hero and
even discourage him with hurtful messages as he passes billboards. This new design
is both brilliantly executed and aesthetically pleasing, and the stages just
seem to get crazier as the game progresses. An excellent voiceover brings life
to these characters like never before as well. For a series known for some of
the worst voice acting, DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY is a huge upgrade. With a soundtrack
that serves as just icing on the cake, Capcom and Ninja Theory have
successfully revived a beloved series.

DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY is out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on
January 15, 2013 and PC on January 25, 2013.


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