Bizarre Books: “BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN” by Paul Michael Anderson


Amidst his gorgeous extended mediation on the metaphysical underpinnings of the universe THE HEALER OF SHATTERED HEARTS, Rabbi David J. Wolpe takes a deep, philosophical dive into the “primal state” of darkness and its power to “subdue the confident bluster of our day.”

“The dark transcends its negations and it is no longer the absence of light,” Wolpe writes. “Dark is a presence, a force that returns us to an earlier time, a time of phantasms and fears. A time, perhaps stretching to now, when our estimate of the world was not so confident, when it contained things that made us shudder, and wonder.”

Such is the brand of transcendent darkness author, editor, and teacher Paul Michael Anderson mines throughout BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN: Tale by idiosyncratic tale, character by knotty character, motive by maladjusted motive, monster by unforgiving monster, this endlessly stunning, supremely disquieting debut short story collection deftly summons and refracts shadowy beams intermingling malignancy and melancholia, drawing readers to the places in their own minds in which they can confront and be confronted by the paradoxical allure and horror of those potentially transformative moments spent in extremis.

At this point, the temptation for a reviewer beguiled by such a affecting work is to begin over-eagerly relating the adventures, mind-fucks, and depredations barreling at those who dare to turn the pages of BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN courtesy the vampires, ghosts, killer babies, space colony refugees, poppers of pills that kick Huxley’s “doorways to perception” straight the fuck in, cruise ship passengers run amok, a girl cursed with a stained-glass heart that should be a blessing, and others memorialized within.  

The most essential information this review can impart, however, is this: With BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN Anderson announces himself as a major talent in the dark fiction realm, capable of fashioning imaginative, bold visions and conceits powerful enough to “subdue the confident bluster of our day,” stop us in our tracks, and provoke us to consider the existential conundrums we can only really grapple with when we’ve been jolted outside of the constructs of our normal everyday experience.  

If this piques your interest, you can purchase “BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN” from Dark Regions Press HERE!

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