“BLOOD AND GUTS” is back! Season premiere sets sh*t on fire

The Nerdist and FANGORIA’s BLOOD AND GUTS with Scott Ian has returned, and it’s kicking things off with some real fire-works.

Our behind-the-scenes web series sees metal legend and Anthrax guitarist Ian tour the wonderful world of makeup FX artistry. The premiere season visited the likes of Greg Nicotero, Gary Tunnicliffe, Jennifer Aspinall, Rob Hall/Almost Human and Jerry Constantine. This go round, the lineup is just as killer and first up is exploring gunshots, squibs and explosions with Ron Trost of Class A Special Effects Inc.

For much more, you’d do well to follow BLOOD AND GUTS on Facebook and Twitter, as well as subscribe to the The Nerdist’s fantastic YouTube channel.

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Samuel Zimmerman
Fangoria.com Managing Editor Samuel Zimmerman has been at FANGORIA since 2009, where fresh out of the Purchase College Cinema Studies program, he began as an editorial assistant. Since, he’s honed both his writing and karaoke skills and been trusted with the responsibility of jury duty at Austin’s incredible Fantastic Fest. Zimmerman lives in and hails from The Bronx, New York where his pants are too tight and he’ll watch anything with witches.
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