“BLOOD BROTHERS” #1 (Comic Review)


There are many places for a pair of vampires to hide out. Some would choose the bright lights of Milan, New York, or Paris to blend in with the fashionable and insane, while others would be more inclined to retreat somewhere more sullen, a haunted bayou or dismal castle. But there are always exceptions, such as with best friends of a thousand years, Nick and Tree, who settle down in Las Vegas, a city of excess, money, and dangerous turns. Unfortunately, one of those turns just happens to have the two of them in mind.

BLOOD BROTHERS is the latest vampire concoction to arrive from the morbid pages of Dark Horse comics. With catchy quips and flashy action, this comic is proving that dashingly undead aren’t just simply retired to a genre of pining love and fabulous capes, but also foul language and swift punches to the head. A mini-series with a bromance vibe, this comic could easily slide in with any horror collection.

The comic begins with our vampire heroes—the smart and resourceful Nick and the indulgent, slightly lazy Tree—waking up at the crack of dusk to begin their shifts as bounty hunters in the City of Sin. As they track down a new target, they bicker in the way only centuries-old friends can, about poor decisions they’ve made throughout history and Nick’s stupid crush on a human. Pacing the city looking for their bounty, they finally find their man winning big in a casino. After a simple case of smash ‘em and book ‘em, they continue on their merry night. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned and while Nick sneaks off from Tree to hang out with his girlfriend, all hell breaks loose as the pair is attacked by five of their former fugitives. Suddenly, the friends find themselves in the middle of something a lot more serious than just a uni-browed bail jumper.

BLOOD BROTHERS has all the makings of a good read. The pace is quick and snappy, the banter between Tree and Nick is fun and the historical flashbacks are hilariously insulting (yet probably accurate) to popular figures throughout the ages. An easy stepping stone for those that are just entering the horror genre, the comic is almost too formulaic at times. Two friends that are greatly different is a tried-and-true technique and, along with a damsel in distress and a shadowy villain, leaves an all too familiar feeling. BLOOD BROTHERS would transfer so well to the big screen that it almost seems that the mini-series could be a precursor to a movie, or was possibly a script that got adapted into a comic.

The writers, Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller, are newcomers to the world of comics. Despite that, the writing still comes off crisp and clean without any unnecessary waste and, as stated earlier, the dialogue is very natural to read; a sure sign of potential. Fans shouldn’t be surprised to see Gagerman’s and Waller’s pens dipped into future creations. The art by Evan Shaner is as smooth as the writing and with a dab of indie style, is the perfect addition to the story. Though he himself is also relatively new, he has been keeping busy doing work for both Dark Horse and Dynamite Entertainment. With these three at the hem of this buddy vampire tale, the rest of the series should prove to be very entertaining.


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