Blu-ray/DVDetails emerge for Shout!’s “DEAD SHADOWS”; “HOUSE IN THE ALLEY” date & art


The extraterrestrial apocalypse is here with mutations aplenty in DEAD SHADOWS, a French creaturefest coming from Shout! Factory in April on the Scream Factory line, for which the company has released full details to go with the cover art. Another foreign acquisition, HOUSE IN THE ALLEY, also has a date and art to unveil.

Directed by David Cholewa from a script by Vincent Julé, DEAD SHADOWS arrives on DVD and Blu-ray April 29, and is set in an apartment building whose residents are preparing to celebrate the coming of a comet. Chris (Fabian Wolfrom), whose parents were violently killed 11 years prior during the passing of Halley’s Comet, begins noticing that his fellow tenants are acting strange, and when they start transforming into alien beings, he and a handful of other survivors have to battle their way out. Blandine Marmigère, John Fallon and Rurik Sallé also star; frequent John Carpenter collaborator Alan Howarth did the sound design, and the makeup/creature FX were created by David Scherer, whose credits include Jean Rollin’s LA NUIT DES HORLOGES, THE THEATRE BIZARRE, THANATOMORPHOSE and THE STRANGE COLOUR OF YOUR BODY’S TEARS. Special features accompanying the discs’s 2.35:1 transfers include:

• Making-of special FX featurette
• Deleted scenes
• Interview with Cholewa
• Theatrical trailer and teaser trailer

Retail prices are $14.93 for the DVD, $22.97 for the Blu-ray. On May 27, Shout! releases another contemporary Scream Factory title, the Vietnamese-made HOUSE IN THE ALLEY. Written and directed by Le-Van Kiet, it’s a supernatural chiller focusing on a young couple who lose their baby to a miscarriage after moving into a spacious new home. When the wife won’t let the baby’s body leave, she begins suffering frightening visions. This one will be on DVD only, with a retail price of $14.93; special features, if any, have yet to be announced.


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