Blumhouse, Derrickson developing “SINISTER” sequel


Mega producer of micro horror Jason Blum franchises out again with a sequel to last year’s Scott Derrickson-directed spookshow. 

As is often the case with early announcements, story, cast and generally most to do with SINISTER 2 is either unavailable or under wraps. However, what can be gleaned from the first’s mythology (we’ve all seen it, right?) is if someone ends up moving into the Oswalts’ new house, they’ll take Mr. Boogie and his backup band of dead children wherever they go.

Derrickson and co-writer C. Robert Cargill are returning to script (continuing their anti-moving house bias), but as Deadline reports, it’s likely the EMILY ROSE filmmaker will produce and someone new will helm. More as it happens!


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