Brea Grant – actress, director, and now comedic writer – has created and produced a new webseries pilot for The Nerdist Channel entitled THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF HORROR, in which she spoofs all of the horrible women on its pop culture namesake while inserting tons of blood and much-needed wittiness into the premise and dialogue.

Grant knows what she’s talking about when it comes to horror, as she starred in Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2 and Showtime’s serial killer phenomenon DEXTER. She also directed the apocalyptic road trip comedy BEST FRIENDS FOREVER and is a fan favorite from the series HEROES. Stealing Laura Ortiz from Fearnet’s HOLLISTON, THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF HORROR gives Ortiz, Briana Lane (THE NEW NORMAL), Jessika Van (AWKWARD), and Brooke Seguin (30 MINUTE MUSICALS) some really funny material with which they roll. In keeping with the comedic sensibility, director Sandeep Parikh (THE GUILD) and producer Kevin Pereira (ATTACK OF THE SHOW) keep it lighthearted and clever. As the drunken Roxanne says in the pilot episode, it’s sort of DEXTER-Y, but sexier and more vagina-y.

Grant’s official synopsis: “Set in a world of high class and gossip, these women have it all… luxury, fame, and a lot of dead bodies to clean up. This Halloween special introduces you to their world.”


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