Lovering to Direct Elisa Lam-inspired “THE BRINGING”

By now you’ve seen the Elisa Lam video. A young woman, who’d soon turn up dead is caught in a void of dread in the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, a place already known for brushes with infamous activity (like that of Richard Ramirez and Vienna Strangler Jack Unterweger). Lam enters an elevator, the door won’t close. For several minutes she confronts, hides from and contests something unseen just outside. Whatever the entire ordeal is, eerie certainly describes it. 

The video and story, which became highly popular online, is the inspiration for Sony Pictures’ upcoming THE BRINGING, which will focus on a man investigating Lam’s death who finds something nightmarish at the hotel. This past May, DRIVE and ONLY GOD FORGIVES’ Nicolas Winding Refn was reported to direct, but that’s since fallen through.

Deadline now reports Jeremy Lovering, who made his feature debut with UK chiller IN FEAR will helm. Team Brandon and Phillip Murphy penned the script.

Lovering showed a command of creepy, moody visuals in his debut, which played Sundance and arrived earlier this year from Anchor Bay. Whatever faults IN FEAR has, Lovering’s talent is evident and potential is there. Hopefully he can match the chills, below.

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