British Psych-Horror “BAD MEDICINE” Turns to Crowdfunding

As reported here earlier, UK creeper BAD MEDICINE is a feature length, psychological horror film set to shoot end of the year, a flick that aims to bring some of ’80s Brit-horror’s most beloved talents back to the screen. The movie, written by genre scribe Dave Jeffery and directed by James Hart (ASCENSION) takes place in a mental health ward during a therapy session, where the participants tell their individual stories of the horrific and shocking events that led them to be where they are now. The film is a horror portmanteau featuring five short films bound together by a wraparound story.

Both Jeffery and Hart have enlisted a seasoned, stellar cast for “Bad Medicine”, which includes Barbie Wilde (HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II, GRIZZLY II), Derek Melling (ASCENSION, INBRED, THE ELECTRICIAN), Laurence Saunders (ASCENSION, DEADTIME, THE SEASONING HOUSE, THE VILLAGE, EASTENDERS, DOCTORS),  Mark Rathbone (ASCENSION, INBRED, CRADLE OF FEAR) and Tim Dry (XTRO, RETURN OF THE JEDI).

The lads are looking for investors to help raise the £35,000 (approx. $57, 500 US) it will cost to fund the production of the film. Investment can start from as little as $1, although bigger outlay will understandably result in greater rewards. The funds will go to cast and crew fees, special creature FX and editing/sound design. Every person or organisation who donates will receive something for their commitment – from a special mention on the credit list of the final movie to VIP tickets to the first screenings, or an opportunity to meet the entire cast and crew at the premiere after-party, or a full Producer credit.

The IndieGoGo campaign launched this past Sunday, August 31 and runs until October 30th.


Follow production entity VLM on Twitter: @VLM_Productions  And the Bad Medicine dedicated movie page on FaceBook

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