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Out of the many of the proclaimed “Masters of Horror” working today, there’s few who keep their cinematic voices as refreshing and versatile as Joe Dante. While his budgets and resources are a far cry from his subversive studio days, Dante still goes for broke in terms of his projects and subject matter as opposed to slumming it with annoying tailored fan service. There’s no better example of Dante’s evolving voice than BURYING THE EX, a potentially by-the-numbers Rom-Zom-Com that escapes its meager means via Dante’s ambition and willingness to get down and dirty with the subject matter.

BURYING THE EX has a fairly standard, and surprisingly never previously used, premise as we follow a once-lovestruck young man readying himself to break up with his overbearing, slightly irrational girlfriend. However, after she’s accidentally hit by a bus, the grief-stricken man finds sparks flying with a beautiful acquaintance. But as it always goes, the man is shocked to find his girlfriend has come back from the dead and is more overbearing, hornier and now with a murderous vicious streak, putting his current romance in literal danger.

In lesser hands, BURYING THE EX could have been a generic, no-frills-attached horror comedy that leans a bit heavy on the referential side. However, with Dante at the helm, BURYING THE EX is approached in a much more organic manner as the performances, the punchlines and the putrid FX gags coexist with surprising ease. Dante’s directorial finesse and unflappable skill at mixing horror and comedy at a moment’s notice also benefits from a stellar cast as well, with Anton Yelchin and Alexandra Daddario playing to their comedic strengths while Ashley Greene nearly wins back any TWILIGHT-inspired ill will with a spot-on performance as the undead third wheel.

Burying the Ex movie (3)

Fortunately for fans of frightening physical media, BURYING THE EX also gets an excellent Blu-ray transfer courtesy of the folks at Image Entertainment. BURYING THE EX sports a spotless video transfer, with the natural digital cinematography of the film coming across crystal clear in high definition. Likewise, the audio transfer is dynamic and well-rounded, guaranteed to please both ardent audiophiles as well as the casual horror fan in equal measure.

Unfortunately, the terrific transfer for BURYING THE EX is about thing to chew on in this barebones Blu-ray release, outside of pre-roll trailers for other Image titles. In fact, it’s quite a disappointment knowing Dante’s process as a filmmaker that there’s no behind-the-scenes or deleted goodness included on this release. Even a commentary from Dante would have increased this release’s value among horror Blu-ray collectors, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Joe Dante or just in the mood for a fun and charming horror comedy that also includes graphic brain consumption, then the Blu-ray for BURYING THE EX will do the trick. The audio/video treatment on the BURYING THE EX Blu-ray is top drawer, as fans will see and hear for themselves. However, for fans looking for a deeper look at the flick on the Dante disc, there’s unfortunately nothing to be found.


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