Buttgereit, Marschall & Kosakowski crowdfund “GERMAN ANGST”

The proposed anthology that would bring underground filmmakers and purveyors of shock imagery Jörg Buttgereit, Andreas Marschall and Michal Kosakowski together is, as so many indie projects are now, seeking aid via crowdfunding.

“We are three directors who share the love for genre films: Jörg Buttgereit, Andreas Marschall & Michal Kosakowski,” the directors write at StartNext. “Together we are making our anthology movie GERMAN ANGST. Three distinctly different styles unite in GERMAN ANGST: Jörg Buttgereit’s morbid view of everyday life, Marschall’s leap into the abyss of dark eroticism and Kosakowski’s fusion of politics and horror come together like in a dark composition. We invite you on a cross-border journey to the horizons of the genre film!”

Looking to contain the transgressive, no-boundaries attitude that’s made the German underground scene so beloved, GERMAN ANGST would also see the return of NEKROMANTIK’s Buttgereit after a lengthy absence from cinema. At the campaign page, each tale in the film is outlined as follows:

The first episode, Jörg Buttgereit’s FINAL GIRL, tells the story of a young girl who lives alone with her guinea pig in a rundown apartment in Berlin. But is she really alone? In the bedroom lies a man, bound and gagged…

In the episode ALRAUNE by Andreas Marschall, a young man stumbles upon a secret sex club in Berlin’s nightlife that promises the ultimate sexual frontier experience by using a drug made from the roots of the legendary Mandragora plant. But the ecstatic experiences have horrific side effects…

MAKE A WISH by Michal Kosakowski tells how Kasia and Jacek, a deaf-mute couple of Polish origin fall into the hands of a sadistic hooligan gang. Seemingly helpless, Kasia has an amulet that had already changed the course of history during World War II. Now, something magical happens that turns the situation on its head but who will be the victims…?

Crowdsourcing remains a complex topic, but almost seems suited to this subset of horror that is not only incredibly niche, but often already sees strong interaction between fan and filmmaker. If you’d like to help out on GERMAN ANGST, you can find its pitch video above and much more including storyboards and rewards at its StartNext Page.


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